SB Gold 48, 56 and 64 channel Stage Boxes, have been purposely designed to satisfy the need  of distributing signals in large venues. Ideal when used with individually shielded multi-pair eurocable (e.g. 48, 56 and 64 pairs) on cable reels and with LK audio multi-pin connectors (e.g. 150 and 200 pins). These Stage Boxes, manufactured in 19’’ rack boxes, feature individual Ground Lift switches and are also available with passive splitters. All the connector contacts used in the SB Gold Stage Box (XLR and LK multipin) are plated in gold, to guarantee the maximum contact reliability. The HD 600 cable reel can store up to 100 meters of 48, 56 or 64 individually shielded pairs eurocable (the use of a Flight Case is strongly recommended).

Link offers customized engraving on standard panels as well as fully customized panel construction and engraving services.  Our application engineers directly work with our customers to design products directly from specifier or end user provided documentation.  Submittal drawings will be provided for final approval prior to manufacturing.  Our precision CNC machines, laser engraving, and paint lines are capable of producing a single product or large quantities suited for your specific requirements.

Gold & Custom Stage Boxes

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