Introducing Link’s latest distribution solution, WidgetLink. This new line of distribution products allows the use standard Cat 5 and Cat 6 cabling to send multiple signals down a single cable. The use of Cat 5/6 cable can be applied to DMX, Analog Audio, Balanced AES3 Digital Audio, and even hybrid combinations including 10/100 Ethernet.
1, 2, 3, or even 4 discrete signals can be sent down each individual Cat 5/6 cable. Shielded cable is required for applications using phantom power, 4 discrete signals, and/or hybrid combinations.
Because of its low loss characteristics, Cat 5/6 can increase the maximum length in many applications. For example, balanced AES3 signals have a typical distance limit of 100 meters on standard 110 ohm twisted-pair type cable, but can travel up to 300 meters on Cat5/6 cable, depending on the equipment being used. In a hybrid configuration, the maximum distance is dictated by the IEEE 802.3u Fast Ethernet standard. For DMX over Cat5/6 cable, distances of over 500 meters are possible, depending on equipment.
Link’s Eurocable brand of cable is guaranteed to provide dependable signal integrity using our WidgetLink products, particularly when paired with our CVS LK CAT6 STP cable. Other hybrid solutions are also offered with various cable configurations. For example, our CVS LK 1CAT6S 12/3 cable, which pairs a 12 AWG / 3 conductor power line with a shielded Cat 6 cable for “driveline” type applications.


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