We offer a wide range of coaxial cables for analog  and digital HD and 4K video signals. From Wiring to TV broadcasting for any kind of connection required by professional video. RG59 with compact dielectric or gas-injected, miniaturized coax cables, RG6, also available in multiple lines or in multi typology hybrid cables.

TRIAX 8, 11, 14 and ENG cables, create a wide and very appreciated range for both installations and mobile applications even under the most severe and ‘risky’ conditions as those during sports shooting like football, skiing, motor racing just to mention a few where the “live TV” is a daily practice and the reliability must be absolute.

Designed and manufactured for professional video,  these cables are widely used also in the “audio world” for MADI,  the digital multichannel audio protocol  on 75 Ohms  coaxial cables. The MADI is the protocol of reference for the audio in the TV-Broadcasting but now also increasingly widespread in the traditional audio thanks to the adoption of this standard by different manufacturers of audio mixing consolles.