Interconnectivity with a Vision

When Link was founded the world was very different from what it is today. To begin with, the Information Society as we understand it now was still not completely in place.
The words “interaction” and “interconnection” were not as significant then as they are today. The digital world was still the domain of Universities and of the Military. Fiber optics was a farfetched dream for intelligent engineers. Audio and Video were dominated by Tape. The world was analogic, which is a complicated way of saying that things were separate one from another. The entertainment industry was not different from many others: a puzzle of separate requirements and needs. Broadcast. Cinema. Live Entertainment of any description.

What Link’s founders knew, was that interconnection is a key aspect of the entertainment business. At first, interconnection within separate forms of entertainment. One day between different worlds. The company concentrated on providing solutions for the wiring and connection problems of these arenas, building a strong reputation on the basis of two world renowned brands: Eurocable and LK Connectors.

Listening carefully to the requirements coming directly from the market has always been the principal preoccupation for us at Link. Steadily through the years, we have concentrated on providing our clients with the kind of cables, connectors and accessories which answered their precise needs. What is needed in the film studio. What is needed in the television studio. What is needed on stage. This is what our R&D developed. But we have always known that a day would come when the word connection would mean more than simply plugging two pieces of equipment together. And we have been preparing for that day. Which is Today.

Progressively we have followed evolution, never forcing solutions, but providing them one minute before they were desperately needed, because we knew what was going to be needed. On time. Reliably. For sixteen years. And now the world is much more interconnected than it was. Now things which were once separate are inextricably tied one to another. Today a live musical is filmed for a DVD production, and aired on TV, while it is experienced by a live audience. Link knows what this means.

Interconnection is no longer simply a technical problem: it is the founding concept of our business and research. Link has studied it since the beginning. Always offering the best in terms of quality, reliability, service and distribution. Connecting different worlds with a vision. This is why, today, we are ready to deliver the future: we have the necessary experience, reliability and knowledge to succeed.

Link’s turnover has progressively increased through the years and several activities have been consolidated both in Italy and in the foreign countries.

The ability of Link in manufacturing products specifically designed to satisfy the demands of the Entertainment market, from the LK connectors ranges to Eurocable, has allowed through the years to build and consolidate a net of international distribution.

Reasons for the success in the domestic market, which sees Link’s presence at over 35 % of the market are, apart from our own trade marks like LK connectors and Eurocable, the distributions of prestigious international trade marks, as Audio Accessories (US), Amphenol Australia, Littlite (US), EDAC (US), Peli (US) and Le Mark (UK), which are the natural fulfilments of the connection needs of Audio, Video and Lights professionals of the sector.

In addition to this, a laboratory is in use both for the National and International Market, for the production and the assembly of customised equipments for audio, power, lighting and video distribution, in order to study together with the customers the most effective solutions to satisfy their demands. All productions manufactured by Link are turn-key and completed of all certifications according to the law.

First Stage Box ever produced by Link in 1987
First Stage Box ever produced by Link in 1987
DGlink Stage Box produced in 2017
DGlink Stage Box produced in 2017