19 x 2.5 mm² Lighting Power Cable

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The new Eurcable 19 x 2.5mm² lighting power cable consists of six circuits individually numbered and colored allowing extremely fast and easy electrical connection of lighting or speaker systems.

The cable is specifically designed and produced for LKS 19 Pins Lighting Connectors. The pairs arrangement follows the standard SOCA pin assignment, making it fully SOCA compatible.

Its flexibility, robustness and high flame resistant rate allow ideal performances in fixed and outdoor applications.

Also available a standard version of 19 x 1.5mm² Lighting Power Cable.

CVS LK6/3G2.5

Additional information

Jacket Color


Standard Reel

200 m on wooden reels

Flame Resistant

EN 50266-2, IEC 603332-3 CAT. "C"

General Data

CABLE O.D. 18.60 mm
Standard reels 200 m
Weight Kg/100 m 67.90
Operating temp -20°C/+70°C
Nominal Thick 1300 mm
CONDUCTOR D.C.R. at 20° C ≤ 8.31 ohm/km
Insulation Resistance > 128 Mohm/km
Voltage test 2500 Vc.ax5’ cond/cond
Qty 19
Strand 48 x 0.25 mm
Area/AWG 2.31 mm2/13
Insulation O.D. 3.00 mm
Material Annealed copper TM2 PVC flame retardant insulated
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