LKO Optical Connector

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The new LKO hybrid optical/power connectors features a 4 channel expan-ded beam optical connection and 5×8 or 3×10 AWG electrical contacts.

The power contacts are ideal for transporting single or three phase 32A power source in addition to the tactical optical cable (4 single mode 9/125 wires, ref. eurocable FOSM 8/5).

Link is pleased to introduce this innovati-ve solution thanks to the valuable input from our clients and by leveraging the flexibility we are afforded by designing and manufacturing our own lines of eurocable  and LK Connectors.

The most immediate need has been to estabilish more effective and integrated methods to distribute multiple signals and power within the live broadcast and entertainment venues. Providing solutions that are flexible and robust for deman-ding environments presents additional challenges. By leveraging the optical, mechanical and electrical expertise of our team, we can provide our clients with configurable solutions for the transport of power, Ethernet, audio, video, DMX and GPI/O. With the addition of the DGlink mux/demux modules, we can provide up to 72 optical channels at 10Gps each.